Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Artists will be in Malága

Since a couple of months when I /join #kde-artists I've been often greeted with a question: "Hey Dave, can you show to me a preview of Oxygen?"

I always answer that there will be a presentation of the project at aKademy, in Malága, but until tonight I was not sure this was going to happen:

The name of the talk is "Oxygen, smart graphics" (or something like that). It will be hold by Kenneth Wimer who transformed my thoughts into a kick ass presentation. It will take place on Tuesday 30, at the Conference Hall, at 17:30-18:30. Probably it will make happy the KDE artists community, usability people and Plasma guys, given that we are not going to present just an icon theme, but the vision behind it, the new ideas we had for doing something great and useful, not just good-looking and of course, to show a little bit of what was done so far. I know it is the last talk of the day, the last of the conference, but maybe you'll find it interesting. What else to say, see you in Malága.