Friday, June 02, 2006

Made in Portugal

I've spent last 6 days at Nuno's place in Vila Real, Portugal, together with Ken for an Oxygen meeting. Basically this can be called the 1st Oxygen icon workshop ever, and it went just great. We were highly productive and had a lot of stuff done and now I'm updating website contents with news, previews and ... more, in the next 24 hours (uhm, sounds like the announcement of an announcement).

We focused on a few most used KDE application and started working on actions icons and application icons. I'm really proud of the Kmail action icons.

It was great to meet again Ken and Nuno, which was so cool to host the meeting in his (very beautiful) new apartment. We had the chance to do a nice trip along the Douro river to get to a restaurant that was close, but it was really fun.

-blz- breaking news -blz- I had my svn account to work (thanks David F.) -blz-