Monday, January 08, 2007

New blog address

I've moved my blog to wordpress.

Address is

Friday, January 05, 2007


Oxygen progress is going well. Right now we are finishing core Kde icons, (thanks Aaron for the detailed list) but I also found time to do some improvements here and there.

One of the last retouch was the mimetype sheet. I was not happy with the page curl effect. In my opinion it was too "hard". I also thought the sheet itself was too tight and dark. Compare the new version.

Much better ha?
Another problem of the previous design was the shadow. When scaling down, specially at 64x64 and 32x32 size, the top part of the sheet was looking ugly and not sharp. Centering the shadow under the sheet solved this problem.

PS: Please you a name or a nick when leaving a comment! It will be easy for me to reply.

Below I've reduced a bit shadow on 128x128 svg, and that what I get when scaling down.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Made in Portugal

I've spent last 6 days at Nuno's place in Vila Real, Portugal, together with Ken for an Oxygen meeting. Basically this can be called the 1st Oxygen icon workshop ever, and it went just great. We were highly productive and had a lot of stuff done and now I'm updating website contents with news, previews and ... more, in the next 24 hours (uhm, sounds like the announcement of an announcement).

We focused on a few most used KDE application and started working on actions icons and application icons. I'm really proud of the Kmail action icons.

It was great to meet again Ken and Nuno, which was so cool to host the meeting in his (very beautiful) new apartment. We had the chance to do a nice trip along the Douro river to get to a restaurant that was close, but it was really fun.

-blz- breaking news -blz- I had my svn account to work (thanks David F.) -blz-

Friday, April 21, 2006

FISL talk

So yesterday I had my very quick talk at FISL 7.0 about Oxygen. It was the last talk of the day on a remote room so as expected there wasn't too much people. Local KDE supporters told me it would be different if "KDE" name was in the talk title. It was my first talk ever so I'm pretty happy about how things went. The questions I hade were most about differences with Tango Project and SVG icons. I've announced that the Oxygen team is going to meet soon at Pinheiro's place to work one week only on the icons and that a few more meetings are planned for next months. Goal is to make the base icon theme ready in end of July or at least in August. So, seems that end of summer is the deadline we give ourselves to put icons somewhere on SVN and start the final rush to version 1.0 with the help of the KDE artist community.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Does this Appeal to you?

After a long time I've finally updated the Appeal Project wiki site. I've changed color scheme to make the whole thing more pleasant to see and changed a bit the logo image.
The other good thing is that now it works with Opera on Linux, Mac and Windows, Opera 8.x for instance. It still looking horrible in IE6 but listen, listen: it works great with IE7-beta2. Hopefully most IE users will automatically switch to IE7 when it will be released.
So I'm happy now, the site is working with at least all last version of all major browsers.
p.s. There are a few problems with mainpage name and his link in the navigation sidebar. Will try to find somebody to fix that soon.

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Oxygen goes to FISL

I'm so happy today :) I was just informed that my talk proposal about Oxygen and Freedesktop specifications has been accepted to FISL 7.0 (19-22 April, Porto Alegre, Brazil).

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oxygen website

Oxygen website is online.
Here's the Dot and here the link for impatients.