Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oxygen website

Oxygen website is online.
Here's the Dot and here the link for impatients.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


I used to remember my childhood with a little bit of nostalgia, specially when I see kids running and playing soccer in the garden I have in front of my home. But people change and people's thoughts too. Now I don't envy children anymore. Because I know that soon they will have to study at least 8 years at primary school, 5 years at high school and (if it's the case) 5 or more years at university, while I'm going to graduate on 20th october. Yuhuuuuuu!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

IRC-safe nickname

I never had a true old style nickname for my IRC sessions. In the last months I was using "david-i-k" that should be read as "david-the guy from". But this was too bad for IRC, bad and sad I would say. Since I didn't have any funny/cool name given by friends or parents I thought "davigno" was a good choice. So basically this blog is most about my new official nickname: "davigno".

I'm already back to work on icons and thesis but I still dreaming about the great time I had in Spain this summer. After Malaga I went to Sevilla with my girlfriend. The city is amazing, beautiful and hot, very hot. I loved the Alcázar, the cathedral and in the end I also started to appreciate local beer Cruzcampo. We also went to Cadiz one day, the picture above was taken at Caleta beach, the old city beach situated between two castles . This was my second time in Spain and I liked it very much. My spanish still good but I tend to mix it with portuguese... one reason more to came back soon.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Artists will be in Malága

Since a couple of months when I /join #kde-artists I've been often greeted with a question: "Hey Dave, can you show to me a preview of Oxygen?"

I always answer that there will be a presentation of the project at aKademy, in Malága, but until tonight I was not sure this was going to happen:

The name of the talk is "Oxygen, smart graphics" (or something like that). It will be hold by Kenneth Wimer who transformed my thoughts into a kick ass presentation. It will take place on Tuesday 30, at the Conference Hall, at 17:30-18:30. Probably it will make happy the KDE artists community, usability people and Plasma guys, given that we are not going to present just an icon theme, but the vision behind it, the new ideas we had for doing something great and useful, not just good-looking and of course, to show a little bit of what was done so far. I know it is the last talk of the day, the last of the conference, but maybe you'll find it interesting. What else to say, see you in Malága.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005


In my last post I mentioned "the next icon theme I'm working on". Well this icon theme already has a name, it's Oxygen and it will be a breathtaking icon theme.
I've started working on it during the first Appeal meeting in Berlin, it was march 2005. Since then it has evolved many times and now I feel I've found the right direction for it. I know many people would like to see some preview but we (me, Ken and Nuno) decided to present it during next aKademy conference in Málaga.

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Kcall application icon

This basically the first artwork I've done for KDE since the SUSE contract. It's an icon for the VoIP application for KDE called Kcall. The icon show to you the direction I'm pushing the next icon theme I'm working on, but I'll talk about it later in the next weeks or maybe directly at aKademy with the two other guys who are part of the project: Kenneth Wimer and Nuno Pinheiro. Today I've chatted with Everaldo (I guess he doesn't need any presentation since he's the author of wonderful crystalsvg and crystal-clear), and he told me he'll be in Malaga. I'm happy to see all these artists coming to the KDE conference, it will be fun.

SUSE Contract

Well, I think now I can tell everyone I've a contract as external freelance designer at SUSE. This is almost a dream becoming reality, since this mean I'll be able (and paid) to work on what I like and mainly for open source projects ( KDE and KDE related stuff).

Monday, June 06, 2005


This is the First Blog Entry.