Tuesday, September 13, 2005

IRC-safe nickname

I never had a true old style nickname for my IRC sessions. In the last months I was using "david-i-k" that should be read as "david-the guy from icon-king.com". But this was too bad for IRC, bad and sad I would say. Since I didn't have any funny/cool name given by friends or parents I thought "davigno" was a good choice. So basically this blog is most about my new official nickname: "davigno".

I'm already back to work on icons and thesis but I still dreaming about the great time I had in Spain this summer. After Malaga I went to Sevilla with my girlfriend. The city is amazing, beautiful and hot, very hot. I loved the Alcázar, the cathedral and in the end I also started to appreciate local beer Cruzcampo. We also went to Cadiz one day, the picture above was taken at Caleta beach, the old city beach situated between two castles . This was my second time in Spain and I liked it very much. My spanish still good but I tend to mix it with portuguese... one reason more to came back soon.

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